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Our software is compliant with all the operational procedures as stated by HMRC, NCA and FCA.

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What We Offer?

  • Trainings for Management and Cashiers
  • Compliance Guidelines
  • CEBS Inter-branch connectivity
  • Digital rateboard integration
  • Travel Money Ordering website integration
  • Rates API

We comply with all the regulations and guidance provided by HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs), National Crime Agency and Financial Conduct Authority. CEBS helps you in:

  • Reporting large cash transaction records.
  • Keeping records for transactions of £3,000.00 or more.
  • Cashing Cheques.
  • Complying with KYC and Customer Due Diligence process.
  • Daily transaction record keeping.
  • Profit & Commission calculation.
  • Day End and Accounting Reports.

CEBS is one of the renowned bureau de change software globally in terms of AML policies, risk assessment and reporting. The current combined average monthly transaction value CEBS processes is £7.4 million. With presence in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Maldives and Zimbabwe, CEBS is one of the trusted currency exchange system.

Digital Rateboard App:
The world of digital media has changed the face of marketing and advertising. Promoting the "Best Rates in Town" was a long and costlier process before. CEBS Rateboard application has changed this into fun filled and cost effective process. Currency Bureau owners can promote their Buying and Selling rate of different currencies on HD display units. The Rateboard application even facilitates the users to promote any other items or business process they follow.
Travel Money Ordering (TMO) Website:
CEBS team aspires its customers to sell currency online through their own website. Smart minds of CEBS team puts all your business processes together to form a showcase for the world. An opportunity is created for you to reach the maximum number of currency buying customers not only locally but all around the country. The online currency selling application gives you the facility to display updated currency rates on your website. Customers can buy currency online and make online payment or pay at branch. You are in complete control of currency limits, sanction list checks, identification document requirements and more. Orders placed on this online currency selling application are managed seamlessly.

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